Church Services

4th Feb.  

11am            Rev Mervyn Burnside

(Communion Service)

6.30pm       Hope Café – Rev Mervyn Burnside

                       (Final night of discipleship series)

11th Feb.   

11am                 Mervyn Burnside 

                           (10.30am Tea/Coffee)                        

6.30pm            Hope Café – Rev Mervyn Burnside


18th Feb.  

11am                 Nic Shaw                                             

6.30pm           Hope Café – Nic Shaw


25th Feb.  

11am                Rev Mervyn Burnside                        

6.30pm           Hope Café – Rev Mervyn Burnside     



We are grateful for the gift of flowers in the Church each Sunday.

The Small Groups will meet during February as arranged at the usual time and venues.

The Church Committee will meet on Monday 12th February at 7.30pm in the Choir room.

The new Christianity Explored Course will continue on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the Manse, with the exception of 15th February.

There will be a meeting of the Finance Working Group on Thursday, 8th February at 7.30pm in the Choir Room.


Leprosy Mission

Many thanks indeed, on behalf of the Leprosy Mission, to all our contributors in Castlereagh for their very welcome gift of £1100. P&J Steele

Vision Aid

Many of us have had a change of spectacles in the past few years. All unneeded glasses will be put to good use by Vision Aid. A box in the porch is provided for your contributions. Thank you Pearl


 Annual Leave

The Minister will be on Annual leave from Tuesday 13th to 20th February. For pastoral need during this time please contact one of the elders in the first instance.

  Announ Feb 2018 website             

                  music notes

What’s your favourite Hymn or Psalm?

The music we play before, after and during the service is intended to help us all prepare for and take part in Worship.

We try to choose words and music that are appropriate for what we will learn today about God and how we might worship Him.

If you have a hymn or psalm that is especially meaningful to you, and would help in our worship, note it down, Pop it into the box on the vestibule table [or give it to us by hand] and we will try to include it over the next few weeks.





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