1st Jan.  

11am                                   Rev Mervyn Burnside                               

                                             New Year’s Day Service (Welcoming Peter Burke*)

 6.30pm                            No Café Church


8th Jan.   

11am                                  Rev Mervyn Burnside  (10.30am Tea/Coffee)                               

6.30pm                           Hope Café – Billy Duff 

Billy is both a gifted musician and has a very interesting story to tell

Even if you haven’t been previously why not come along


15th Jan.   

11am                                 Rev Meryn Burnside                                      

6.30pm                            Hope Café – Peter Burke

Speaking about his mission service in South Africa with his Family  

22nd Jan.   

11am                                   Preacher Peter Burke                                  

6.30pm                             Hope Café – Rev Mervyn Burnside  


29th Jan.    

11am                                   Rev Mervyn Burnside   

                                             Focus on the persecuted Church                          

6.30pm                             Hope Café – Rev Mervyn Burnside



 5th Feb                               11am Communion Service**

                                             No Tea and Coffee until following Week


Prayer Box

We have recently made available a little box where prayer requests can be left. These can be as specific or as anonymous as the user desires, and such requests will be taken up in strict confidence by those attending our Prayer meeting. If you have needs / concerns of whatever kind or indeed causes to give thanks we would love to join with you in prayer. From January it will be available in the Porch for convenience of use and will be checked each week by the minister


  • ●If there is anyone wishing to become a full member of the congregation on profession of Faith or by Transfer; please speak to the Minister at the earliest opportunity so that appropriate guidance can be given.
  • Peter Burke and his family will be with us on His student placement from Union College during January and February 2017. Peter is a member of Carryduff Presbyterian. As in other years no doubt you will make them welcome when you have the opportunity.


  • The Prayer Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 11th January at 7.30pm in the Youth room and again on Wednesday, 25th January at 7pm (please note change of time) in the Youth room, prior to the Church Committee meeting.

Notes for your Diary:

The PW meeting on Monday, 20th February at 7.30pm is entitled ‘Story in a Patchwork Quilt’ with Sandra Mathews.


Announ January 2017 website


                   music notes

What’s your favourite Hymn or Psalm?

The music we play before, after and during the service is intended to help us all prepare for and take part in Worship.

We try to choose words and music that are appropriate for what we will learn today about God and how we might worship Him.

If you have a hymn or psalm that is especially meaningful to you, and would help in our worship, note it down, Pop it into the box on the vestibule table [or give it to us by hand] and we will try to include it over the next few weeks.


Brian & Helen




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