7th May

11.00am                            Rev Mervyn Burnside          


6.30pm Hope Café      (Rev Mervyn Burnside)      

(Michael Foster Testimony & Billy Duff on Guitar)

14th May

11.00am                              Rev Mervyn Burnside                                

(Tea & Coffee available from 10.30am)                           

6.30pm Hope Café         (Rev Mervyn Burnside)

21st May

11.00am                              Rev Mervyn Burnside                               

*(10am Christian Aid Big Breakfast in the Church Hall)              

6.30pm Hope Café        (Rev Mervyn Burnside)

28th May

11.00am                              Rev Mervyn Burnside                               

6.30pm Hope Café (final night before summer)

                                             (Provisionally Richie Cronin)

*The Events Working Group is hoping to hold a Christian Aid Big Breakfast on Sunday, 21st May at 10am in the Church Hall. Come along and enjoy having breakfast prepared for you! Last year we raised £2047.56 during Christian Aid Week.


Christian Aid Week -Sunday 14th – 21st May. Envelopes will be available in the pews for donations which can be placed on the offering plates over the next few Sundays. If you are a taxpayer please complete the Gift Aid portion of the envelope. A number of our members will also be carrying out door-to-door collections during Christian Aid week. Last year we raised a total of £2047.56. We would encourage you to continue to support Christian Aid in its fight against poverty and injustice. We are in urgent need of volunteers to assist with door-to-door collections. If you would be willing to spend a few hours during Christian Aid Week, and are over 16 years of age, please speak to Phyllis Grier (02897510247) as soon as possible.

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                   music notes

What’s your favourite Hymn or Psalm?

The music we play before, after and during the service is intended to help us all prepare for and take part in Worship.

We try to choose words and music that are appropriate for what we will learn today about God and how we might worship Him.

If you have a hymn or psalm that is especially meaningful to you, and would help in our worship, note it down, Pop it into the box on the vestibule table [or give it to us by hand] and we will try to include it over the next few weeks.


Brian & Helen




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