Church Services


You are very welcome as you come to worship today. If you are a visitor we are delighted to have you with us and hope that you will be blessed as we worship God together.

Details of the services in February are:


11am Rev Mervyn Burnside

Communion Service

6.30pm Hope Café

Rev Mervyn Burnside

Final night of Philippians

Discipleship Explored


11am Rev Mervyn Burnside

10.30am Tea/Coffee


6.30pm Hope Café

Rev Mervyn Burnside


11am Rev George Moore


6.30pm Hope Café cancelled * See below

Global Mission Evening at

McQuiston Memorial 7pm


11am Rev Mervyn Burnside

6.30pm Hope Café

Rev David McIlwrath **



* A Global Mission Evening has been organised for our Presbytery to be held in McQuiston Church at 7pm. It is hoped that there will be missionaries from Spain, Portugal and Romania taking part. This will be a great opportunity to see and hear at first hand from folk working in these countries.


** This will be the first of a mini series of 3 where David will be helping us explore God’s call to every believer to a deeper Christian life. Those who heard David speak earlier in January will know of his gracious gentle manner in encouraging us to experience more of God. Even if not a regular, please consider making these three evenings a priority. I believe they will be of real benefit. Mervyn Burnside


There will be Prayer Time each Wednesday 9am in the Choir Room.

Note from the Minister

There is an excellent Bible overview resource available as a mobile phone app. You can access “The Whole Bible Reading Plan” on the Youversion Bible App, for free. This 50-day reading plan walks you through the story of the whole Bible, and helps you reflect on how it shapes your whole life. The bite-size readings and real-life application questions help illuminate God’s plan to renew all areas of life. I have found this to be an excellent resource helping to knit together some of the main themes of the Big Bible Story.


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